Competition Size Backgammon Set&Chrome Plated Checkers



Open dimensions: 73 x 57 cm (28,7 x 22 inches)

Closed dimensions: 36,5 x 57 cm (14,3 x 22 inches)

MDF Frame: The frame of each Artgammon board is hand-built by skilled craftsmen.

Checkers: A set of Chrome plated checkers are included with every set. Checker size is 4,45 cm (1,75 inches) 10mm thickness.

Dice: Two sets of  solid dice are included with every set.

Dice Cup: Two sets of tournament size , quality dice cup are included with every set.

Playing Surface: A special synthetic sewn cloth is chosen for its durability, stain resistance and unmatched playing characteristics. It provides action dice rolls as well as a silky, gliding feeling for the movement of checkers.

Öko Tex :Öko-tex standarts, not contain harmful chemicals to humans and nature Easy Clean On the surface of fabrics, tea, coffee stains can easily cleaned. 5 Year Warranty Spillage, peeling, color fastness, light fastness, abrasion against the problem of under 5 years Assurance. High Strength 75.000 Martin Dale on the strength and high resistance against abrasion and provide long-term durability. Silky touch With its unique texture provides a soft and silky comfort. Antibacterial With this feature, included materials on bacterial growth and prevent the spread of germs.

Point Colors: Please check the sample color combinations for color samples.

Weight: Approximately (+ – %5) 5,5 Kg

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